No one can determine what will happen to me after 2023 – Femi Adesina


Femi Adesina, President Buhari’s Special Adviser on Media and Publicity, says he looks forward to his exit as presidential spokesman and that after Buhari’s tenure ends in 2023, no one can determine what trajectory his life will take on.

In an article published today, November 6, Adesina said, “Even life does not last forever,” titled, “We have different paths to walk in life.” He pointed out that only God knows his terminal time.

Since 1976, Adesina has listed those who have served as image-makers to various Nigerian leaders, noting that they all succeeded after office and that he will not be an exception. Prior to his appointment by the President in 2015, he also wrote about his professional odyssey from a reporter to the status of a newspaper editor-in-chief.

“On the very first day in my current office, I already handed over the last day to God. The last day would always come. Even life does not last forever.

Why have I decided to write this piece? The ill will, malediction I hear from some tiny, envious quarters. He is now anti-people because he’s S.A to the President. He will go down. He will come back to meet us, unheralded, unsung. He will be uncelebrated. Really? I dey laff. Who are they talking about? Me? No. It can’t be me, because my destiny was long hidden in Christ and in God.

Those who served before me have all succeeded in their different ways, no matter what people choose to believe, or say of them. They served their principals faithfully. I will do same to mine. Nobody will determine what happens next. Only God will do. We have different paths to tread in life. And it is determined by the higher powers.” his article in part read

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