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‘Orgasm cult run by female messiah’ investigated by the FBI over ‘prostitution’ allegations

0 Orgasm cult

In the sense of trafficking allegations, a “orgasm cult” led by a “messianic” feminist chief where women were “stoked” by men during “wellness” classes is being investigated by the FBI.

OneTaste was co-founded in 2004 in California by Nicola Daedone and focuses on ‘orgasmic meditation’ practice.

It includes a woman nude from the waist down at OneTaste getting her clitoris ‘stroked’ by a man, either her own partner or another paying customer, for 15 minutes.

The company, which has been called a “sex cult” is being investigated for charges of sex slavery, prostitution and labor law violations.

Thousands of clients signed up to practice orgasmic yoga, lured by assurances from the co-founder that it could stimulate their sex life. Daedone also insisted that like yoga or meditation, the practice would one day be commonly practiced.

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Some services cost up to $60,000 (£45,000), but allegations from ex-customers who complain they were left in debt after paying for lavish courses have dogged them.

Former staff have also said that they have been ordered to engage in intimate relations with prospective buyers to close sales.

“any allegations of abusive practices are completely false”any allegations of abusive practices are totally false.

The firm is not permitted to give courses when its operations are being investigated by the FBI.

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Journalist Nastaran Tavakoli-Far created a podcast looking into the business called The Orgasm Cult. As part of her investigation, she talked to scores of individuals connected with OneTaste.

One ex-client turned employee said that after she resigned, she was left with post-traumatic stress disorder.

She said When I left OneTaste, I had full-blown PTSD.

“I was very scared and very afraid. I was for about two years, suffering from nightmares, a deep sense of depression and loneliness and low self-esteem.”

Daedone was first introduced to the art of orgasmic meditation by a Buddhist monk. In 2001, she started teaching it.

The design was repackaged and sold to consumers inexpensive sessions by OneTaste.

A spokesman for OneTaste said Any allegations of abusive practices are totally false.”

OneTaste was an organisation that enabled people to enhance wellness, enjoyment, and relation by incorporating mindfulness and sexuality in methods.

“More than 300,000 people practice Orgasmic Meditation worldwide. Many have experienced profound healing and transformation.”

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