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Paedo dad jailed for raping girl after getting aroused by watching her exercising

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A young girl who suffered “immense” physical damage and left her mentally scarred for life was raped by a “utterly disgraceful” dad-of-one.

Michael Robert Woodfine, 26, molested and raped a girl he targeted after watching and being aroused by her doing gym activities.

In order to see the paedophile convicted, the victim and her mother attended Liverpool Crown Court, but the distraught child fled the courthouse before he was sent off.

“Recorder Richard Pratt, QC, said Woodfine, of Huyton, said:” That was completely disgraceful and disgusting. When you forced her to masturbate you and then go on as you did to have full penetrative sex with her, it contributed to even worse conduct.

The Liverpool Echo notes that he said that the physical damage he caused her at a young age was “immense” and that she was left “terrified” that he would abuse her again.

“Recorder Pratt said:” I referred to the physical damage she suffered. Even that physical harm is outweighed by the emotional harm-astonishing as it might sound.

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“In a touching personal statement to the survivor, she says that you ruined her life, took away her childhood, and she thinks she’ll never be happy again.”

The judge said the victim also spoke about blaming herself, but added: “I publicly stress that she should feel no sense of guilt whatsoever.”

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“For the rest of your life for what you did to her, you should bear that sense of guilt and shame.”

Woodfine, who has no fixed address, pleaded guilty to three counts of rape and one count of inducing or inciting the sexual activity of a child under the age of 13.

“Recorder Pratt told Woodfine that the” only comfort “in his” terrible offending catalogue “was that” unlike many people in your position, you immediately took responsibility and went to the police to hand yourself in.

“He said:” I am pleased that it was done not only because you had your own sense of shame about what happened, but also because you wanted to spare your victim more suffering even at this point.

The judge added: “In my judgment and my experience, your behavior in handing yourself over to the police is somewhat remarkable. In this situation, I treat your guilt as a singularly significant aspect.”

Recorder Pratt said Woodfine was a “offender of special significance” and incarcerated him for six years, with a license for an extended year.

This means that before he is eligible to apply for parole, he will serve at least half of the term-three years-behind bars.

Before the completion of the six-year term, he will then be released only if he is no longer considered a risk.

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Woodfine must sign and comply with a Sexual Harm Prevention Order on the Sex Offenders Registry for life until further order.

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