0 United Airlines plane at Denver International Airport

Plane passenger found to have ‘Covid symptoms’ dies during an emergency landing

0 United Airlines plane at Denver International Airport

While on an urgent plane landing, a man said to be “shaking and sweating” with coronavirus symptoms has died.

The United Airlines flight took off on Monday, December 14, from Orlando, Florida, and was bound for Los Angeles.

After the captain was forced to land in New Orleans, Louisiana, the unidentified passenger was pronounced dead.

According to United Airlines, he suffered from cardiac arrest.

Medics aboard, who administered CPR, made a number of efforts to save the man’s life.

Speaking to MailOnline, one passenger reported that the wife of the victim said that last week he had shown symptoms and that she thought it was coronavirus.

The other passengers had to remain on the same flight to LA following the emergency landing, saying they were not given another choice.

The Centers for Disease, Control and Prevention (CDC) is now busy monitoring all the flight’s 179 passengers.

Passengers said that the man had coronavirus symptoms and was permitted to board the flight.

One said Can I ask how you guys let a positive Covid guy fly last night on my flight?”

He shook and sweated while boarding the plane. He was apparently ill and then died in the middle of the flight.

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“We had an emergency landing in New Orleans and we didn’t even switch planes afterward.”

The airline reported on Friday, December 18, that they were trying to locate those on the flight.

United Airlines said that before boarding, the victim had filled out a questionnaire saying that he had not tested positive for Covid-19 and had no signs of the illness.

“It is apparent the passenger wrongly acknowledged this requirement,” the company said.

United said the CDC did not mention the cause of death of the man and the airline does not know whether the Covid-19 victim died.

United Airlines, however, said that the wife of the man was overheard telling the emergency medical technician that he had demonstrated signs of the virus, including loss of smell and taste.

Taylor Garland, a spokesperson for the Flight Attendants Association, said that all flight attendants onboard United 591 have been in quarantine for two weeks and have been in LA since the aircraft landed.

The following statement was released by United Airlines: “Our flight was diverted to New Orleans due to a medical emergency and paramedics transported the passenger to a local hospital where the person was pronounced dead. We were in touch with his family and extended our sincere condolences to them for their loss.”

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We were informed that he had suffered a heart attack at the time of the diversion, so passengers were given the option to take a later flight or proceed with their travel plans.

Now that we have been specifically approached by the CDC, we share the requested details with the organization so that they can collaborate with local health authorities to meet any client that the CDC feels might be at risk of potential exposure or infection.

Our highest priority is the health and safety of our staff and customers, which is why we have different policies and procedures in place, such as mask mandates and asking customers to complete a ‘Ready-to-Fly’ checklist before the flight acknowledging that they have not been diagnosed with COVID-19 in the last 14 days and do not have symptoms related to COVID.’

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