0 2020 US presidential election in Washington DC

Republican claims Donald Trump ‘threw temper tantrum’ when the election results came in

0 2020 US presidential election in Washington DC

Republican sources say that when he saw votes, Donald Trump “had a temper tantrum,” that the results migt begin to go against him.

A White House source told CNN’s Jamie Gangel that Trump was reportedly angry and left in a state of shock as his early-night lead started to fall.

It was the findings of Joe Biden coming through in Michigan that Gangel ‘s sources say pushed the president of America over the edge over the last four years.

Gangel said: “Trump had a temper tantrum last night, said a senior official who is usually an ally of the president.”

“He saw that the numbers could begin to go against him, that he wanted to claim victory when he felt he was ahead of himself.”

The reporter added that many Republicans had expressed their disgust with her about the reaction of the president.

“Gangel continued:” He is not pleased with the Republicans I talked to this morning.

“Let me read three quotes from three different officials: the first person said,’ he is behaving poorly as predicted.’ The second person said,’ Trump is afraid of mail-in ballots,’ and the third person said, quote,’ indefensible’ was what he said last night.”

In the 2020 presidential elections, Donald Trump declared victory when he made a series of bizarre statements and announced that he was going to the Supreme Court to stop vote-counting.

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Trump began the press conference, which began at about 2.20 am local time, by naming a number of states that his campaign claims to have won, even though votes are still counted.

In an effort to postpone the declaration of the outcome, he said the Democrats had purposely sent out mail-in absentee voting ballots.

The 45th U.S. President said, “We knew they couldn’t win, so they said, let’s go to court.”

0 President Donald Trump Holds Election Night Event At The White House

“Did I expect this? Did I say this? Because they said they were sending out tens of millions of ballots, I’ve been saying it.”

He added: “This is a huge scam. This is our country’s shame.”

“We were getting ready to win this election, and really, this election was won by us.”

In the White House, he went on to warn his gathered supporters that he was going to the Supreme Court in an effort to avoid the counting of ballots.

In the nail-biting election, there is no proof of foul play and it is unclear precisely what legal action Trump might try to take.

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