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Assassination Classroom, written and drawn by Yūsei Matsui, is a Japanese science fiction comedy manga series.

The series follows the everyday life of an incredibly strong octopus-like teacher who serves as a junior high homeroom teacher, and his students are committed to assassinating him in order to avoid the extinction of Earth.

In their education, the students are called “misfits” and are taught in a different building; the class he teaches is named 3-E.


The Octopus, which the students’ Nick Named Koro-sensei, is not just an ordinary octopus but has extraordinary abilities like speed, strength, agility and what’s more? Teaching skills.


The series starts by showing the students in a class and waiting for the assassination of their Teacher.

The Octopus-like creature had earlier warned the Japanese government that he’s going to destroy the World.

But before that, he needs to teach students in the End Class of Kunugigaoka Junior High School.

As such, the End Class was given the task of assassinating their Teacher, with a promise of ¥10 billion (i.e. US$100 million) to whoever among the students succeeds in killing him.

The series basically is all about Students trying to Kill their Teacher.

Although the reason to why he (Koro-sensei) intends to destroy the world is told in the series, you’ll have to find out by watching the Series.

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Although the anime has lots of characters, Nagisa can be considered as the Main Character in the Series.

The series involves action, comedy, and what’s more? Humor.

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