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Russia Military, successfully carries out tests on deadly hypersonic missile

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In Russia, military leaders warned that they had conducted a third successful test of a lethal hypersonic missile.

The Russian Ministry of Defense claims that the Zircon missile was tested again in the White Sea and said it was flying higher than in previous trials.

Russian state-controlled TV has previously dubbed the Zirocon as the ‘armor of choice’ of Vladamir Putin.

When addressing the armory in March, the Kremlin chief called the fighting “truly unprecedented in the world.”

The destructive new-age missile is said to be capable, in the event of a nuclear war, of destroying American cities.

Army bosses have now claimed that a third test launch from a naval ship was carried out.


At the Chiza test site, which was more than 350 kilometres away, 217 miles away, they say the missile hit a target.

The Russian MoD said The next test launch of the ‘Zircon’ hypersonic cruise missile occurred in the White Sea.”

“The target of the missile fired from the frigate of Admiral Gorshkov was more than 350 kilometers away at the Chizha test site.

“The flight speed of the rocket surpassed March 8. The coastal target was successfully reached, according to objective monitoring.

“Prior to this in early October and November 2020, the test shooting of the hypersonic cruise missile Zircon by the frigate ‘Admiral of the Soviet Union Fleet Gorshkov’ took place.”

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Russia reported a video showing the deadly missile rocketing across the sky of a possible satellite destroyer being launched from a warship.

In October, a previous missile test was carried out, probably as a 68th birthday present for President Putin.

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It is understood that Putin is a fan of this devastating missile. Dmitry Kiselyov, a presenter for Russia’s Vesti Nedeli, showed a US map last year showing targets he said could be reached in a nuclear war.

Kiselyov, widely reported to be a Putin propagandist, stated that in less than five minutes, the Zircons could kill targets.

It comes as video of soldiers preparing to use ‘tank biathlons’ was unveiled by the Ministry.

The anti-aircraft machine gun could reach targets 2.2 kilometres away, military chiefs claimed.

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