Ryan Reynolds and Chris Hemsworth Trash Talk Each Other on Twitter


With the help of family and friends, Ryan Reynolds and Chris Hemsworth got into a funny social media fight, exchanging sick burns.

The exchange started with Ryan’s mother, Tammy, swearing like a sailor in a video posted on Twitter by Reynolds on Monday, which began with her saying that she wouldn’t usually talk to my friends like this but her son insisted.

She said, “Chris Hemsworth is everyone’s least-favorite Australian,” “And as a reminder, Hugh Jackman still exists. Chris is an asshat who looks like a bodybuilder f—ked a platypus.”

Before finishing with an apology, Tammy went on into an expletive-laden rant about Chris…. A parting insult.

And she said, adding a reference to another popular Chris, Chris Pine, “I am so sorry for my son, Ryan. It’s my fault, I brought him up wrong,” “I loved you in ‘Wonder Woman,’ It was the best.”

The clip was distributed to support the AGBO Superhero League, where Marvel stars play to raise money for charity in a fantasy football league.

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Chris enlisted his pal, costumer Dan Blacklock, not to be outdone, to say he was Chris’s dad to insult Ryan. But Dan wasn’t really helpful, since he couldn’t tell something derogatory about the star of “Deadpool”

Just the same, Chris persisted.

“What did we talk about before?” a grinning Dan asked Chris during the Instagram clip. “Tell him all the things we discussed. You hate him. He’s a d—khead. The worst actor. Your least favorite Canadian in the whole world. You hate Aviation Gin. That it’s disgusting. It’s not your favorite drink.”


“And ‘Green Lantern?'” added Chris. “What did you just say about that? It isn’t the best movie ever. Even if you liked him, it’s not the best movie.”

Check out above, the funny slurs!


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