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Samsung says S Pen support is coming to ‘additional categories of smartphones’

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Samsung has just announced that the first Galaxy S phone to support the S Pen stylus will be the latest Galaxy S21 Ultra, but the company is already saying that S Pen support will come to other devices in the future, according to a statement first given on Thursday to SamMobile.

We are committed to developing new mobile experiences that flow seamlessly and continuously to make the lives of our customers easier and better,” says Samsung mobile president TM Roh in the statement shared with The Verge by the company.”

“We have made the bold decision to extend the S Pen experience to the Galaxy S21 Ultra and plan in the future to extend the S Pen experience across additional categories of devices.”

“Categories of additional devices” is vague on its own. But given that S Pen is already compatible with some of the Samsung smartphones and their Tab tablets, Samsung’s foldables will be the next logical product group that could use the S Pen for me.

This is not the first suggestion from Samsung that S Pen support is coming to other devices.

Back in December, Roh said the company was “paying attention to the favorite aspects of the Galaxy Note experience of individuals and is excited to add some of its most popular features to other devices in our lineup,” although it did not specify further.

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And Roh also pointed to the S Pen coming up with foldables. Roh left the door wide open to the possibility that the S Pen will make its way to foldables in the future in a Q&A during Samsung’s Galaxy Note 20 and Galaxy Z Fold 2 presentation in August.

The S Pen has always been a well-loved Galaxy Note feature. And, Roh said, we’re glad to hear that people want it so much, they even want it on the Fold.

(You can hear his quote in detail here.) Later, he said, “and we will certainly continue to listen to the feedback of our customers after reiterating the features of the Galaxy Z Fold 2.” So please stay tuned as to what the future will hold.

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