0 Father Hitting Young Daughter

Scotland becomes the first region of the UK to outlaw smacking kids

0 Father Hitting Young Daughter

Smacking is now illegal in Scotland since it is the first region of the United Kingdom to prohibit children from complete abuse.

In other parts of the UK, physically disciplining children is only allowed if it is for a “fair” purpose, according to the Children’s Act 2004.

Scotland has now granted kids the same protection as adults from assaults, making smacking illegal across the country.

“Marie Todd, Minister of Children, said she was” very happy “that Scotland became the first part of the UK to” ensure the safety of children.

She said: “I am very pleased that Scotland has been the first region of the UK to legislate in order to ensure that children have the same protection from abuse as adults, without exception.”

“In modern Scotland, this outdated defense has no location. Hitting a child can never be fair.”

NSPCC Scotland’s Joanna Barrett said the change was “common sense” and supports any legislation that “sets out physical punishment in plain terms that can no longer be part of childhood.”

She said: “This legislation explicitly sets out that physical punishment in Scotland can no longer be part of childhood and marks a momentous step in making it a country in which the rights of children are genuinely acknowledged, protected and fulfilled.”

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1 Mother slapping her daughter

But the amendments to the legislation have met with resistance from others.

Parents who continue to smack their kids could face blacklisting or even criminal records for smacking, Be Fair Scotland said.

“A spokesman said families, despite being previously caring parents, could face prosecution for” even the mildest physical discipline.

Green MSP John Finnie, who proposed the amendments, disagreed with this and said he had encountered people who felt smacking was already illegal during his campaign.

“Be Fair Scotland:” In the years ahead, caring parents who have not previously had contact with the authorities and who do not present any danger to their children will face traumatic interference, police database blacklisting, and even smacking criminal records.

“This is viewed by most Scots as an injustice, not a positive improvement.”

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