Sex addiction and how it can be treated


While the issue is multifaceted, the genuineness of concern and coalesced social concern provided to low sex libido would be greater than that given to hypersexual tendencies, at the cost of what is at the opposite end of the continuum, this kind of focus puts low sex libido high up in the hierarchy of recorded sexual issues.

High sex libido is commonly regarded with a grim, cursory, and pretentious look that reeks of the narrative-related snobbery that affected individuals wear as a cloak to conceal or compensate for their loose or thinly veiled morality.

But here, we are going to explore it with a lot of transparency.

High sexual libido is characterized as highly frequent or unexpectedly elevated libido.

Addictive sexual desires, including abuse drugs, activate the release of hormones and neurotransmitters that induce euphoria, arousal, gratification, all of which are combinations that can manifest as a probable outcome with the inappropriateness of an individual’s actions, hypersexuality.

In general, affected people misuse the neurochemical response unintentionally and this fuels compulsive conduct. As a primary disease or a symptom of other conditions, the condition has been investigated in two ways.

What Is The Likely Cause?

There has been a lot of debate about the causes of hypersexuality, but with little consensus on how much they contribute to the condition. It has been dismissed as a pathological disorder by some scholars.

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The causes of hypersexuality have been studied as biochemical and physiological changes that lead to fluctuations in hormonal or neurotransmitter levels.

Injuries to the temporal lobe of the brain have been suggested as triggers that concentrate on the regulation of auditory input, memory, and emotion. Damage to this region has been shown to contribute to behavioral disorders that encourage deviant personalities that may be present in hypersexuality.

There are other disorders that have been shown to co-exist with the disease, such as bipolar disorder. The remedy is a symptom of many other medical and psychiatric conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease, Autism, schizoaffective disorder, Picks disease.

It is also understood that the disorder manifests as a side effect of other medications, such as drugs used to treat Parkinson’s disease. These are said to lead to the pathogenic overactivity of the brain’s dopaminergic mesolimbic pathway that leads to elevated sexual drive.

Factors such as sexual trauma, anorexia of intimacy, and mood disorders as causes of sexual addiction have been studied.

How Can I Treat The Addiction?

The disorder may have a detrimental effect on an individual’s quality of life by adversely influencing his ability to establish or sustain relationships perpetuated by perceived improper conduct, which is often accompanied by the individual’s stigmatization.

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And for this reason, the inability to regulate one’s sexual desire is also a cause of concern for a person suffering from the disease, often leading to other mental disorders, such as persistent depression due to shame and remorse, which is normal after the condition has stopped.

Many of the ways hypersexual people have chosen are psychotherapy, self-help groups, and counseling as ways to relieve the disorder or its effects.

Some hypersexual people have used anaphrodisiacs such as chaste berry, which have been recommended to suppress sexual drive, to treat the disease.

Also, Some hypersexual people are administered medications such as Cyproterone acetate, which is a steroidal anti-androgen medicine.

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