dragon ball one piece toriko

Shonen Jump allegedly Publishing an Epic One Piece Crossover Issue

dragon ball one piece toriko

As the hugely successful manga series of Eiichiro Oda reaches its 1,000 chapter milestone in two weeks’ time, Weekly Shonen Jump will reportedly release a special crossover side-story to mark the occasion.

This plot, which will be published in Issue 5/6, will include every “main character” from each current serialized title in Shonen Jump, according to an unofficial Twitter news source for Shueisha’s popular manga magazine.

While no stranger to crossovers, for One Piece—and any other property that is about to clash with the world of the Straw Hat pirates, this will be a monumental one.

Most notably, in the “Cross Epoch” manga one-shot, as well as in Episode 590 of the One Piece anime character, the series previously crossed over with Akira Toriyama’s equally-beloved Dragon Ball.

One Piece characters have also appeared alongside other popular favorites from the magazine in numerous Shonen Jump-based video games.

One of the most recent collaborations in the series before the release of the upcoming side story was with Jump’s Food Wars! Which, through the eyes of the culinary series’ creative team (Yūto Tsukuda, Shun Saeki and Yuki Morisaki), remodeled the Straw Hat chef, Sanji.

Oda’s nautical fantasy adventure, first released in 1997, is the highest-selling comic book series of all time, but not the longest-running by a long-shot.

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However it is the longest-running title still being released in Weekly Shonen Jump, and if its creator’s remarks are to be believed, it still has five more years remaining before it eventually disembarks for good from the pages of the publication.

As of now, no announcement has been made as to whether the upcoming One Piece crossover will be made available for reading outside Japan or not.

Viz Media simulates new chapters of One Piece in English and releases them every Sunday through the Shonen Jump app and website.

Crunchyroll simulates new episodes of the One Piece anime series every Saturday (ET) and is also available on Funimation for streaming.

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