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Shopify removes Donald Trump-affiliated online stores

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President Trump would need to find a new online outlet for his fans to sell merchandise.

According to Engadget, On Thursday, in reaction to Wednesday’s riot at the US Capitol, the e-commerce company Shopify took two online stores associated with the president offline.

The move, which was first discovered by The Wall Street Journal, comes on the same day that Facebook and Twitter said they would ban Trump until at least after President-elect Joe Biden was inaugurated on January 20th.

Accessing them today brings up an error message that says, “this shop is unavailable.”

“Shopify does not tolerate violence-inciting acts. Based on recent events, we have found that President Donald J. Trump’s actions breach our Reasonable Use Policy, which forbids the promotion or endorsement of organizations, sites, or individuals who threaten or condone violence to advance a cause, a Shopify spokesman informs Techcrunch.

“As a consequence, we have terminated President Trump-affiliated stores.”

The step reflects a departure from the previous position of Shopify on policing its website.

Back in 2017, CEO Tobias Lütke wrote a Medium Post in which, amid all the hateful and deceptive material the publication was published at the time, he defended the company’s decision to continue hosting the Breitbart online store.

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“Commerce is a powerful form of expression that is underestimated,” Lütke said in the post, which has since been removed.

The business has changed its approach since, as TechCrunch reported, with the most notable instance before today being in 2018 when it suspended many far-right groups, including Proud Boys.

Although the company is not a household name like Facebook and Twitter, there is still a major decision by Shopify to exclude Trump-affiliated stores from its website.

One of the world’s leading e-commerce sites is Shopify.

On its website, the company says its merchants created $319 billion in economic activity globally between 2016 and 2019.

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