1 LIV Ryan Taylor

‘Disgusting creep’ Tried to offer mum money to rape her young 13-year-old daughter

1 LIV Ryan Taylor

A mum was bombarded by a ‘sick creep’ with sick messages offering her money to rape her 13-year-old daughter.

“To the schoolgirl, Ryan Taylor made horrific comments and said he” wanted her.

The 40-year-old told the mum that her child was a “10” and told her “so no excuse for me not to want to have sex with her.”, Liverpool Echo reports.

He accepted at Liverpool Magistrates ‘ Court an accusation of sending malicious messages.

Jonathan Wilkinson, prosecuting, explained how he wrote “If you let me have her” among the messages he sent Taylor, followed by an image of a large sum of cash.

A disgusted mother threatened to report him and said, “Now you want to pay her for what kind of creep you are, you’re sick.”

Taylor also said, “I want her. What’s the problem with you?”

Mr. Wilkinson clarified that the woman said to the man, “My daughter’s only 13 years old, she’s not ready to be snatched.”

“She also said,” You’re disgusting. You’re going to be reported to the police. You’re asking my daughter to pay for having sex with you, what kind of creep you are.

Taylor became angry, though, when she turned the tables and said, “How would you ask if someone was asking for your daughter to pay?”

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He responded, “Don’t talk about my child.”

The child’s mother told the police: “These texts left me feeling upset and terrified.”

“I am truly concerned that he himself has a child.”

Mr Wilkinson explained that as the case had previously been listed for trial, it was the fourth hearing before court, but Taylor then pleaded guilty.

Taylor, of Marsh Lane, Bootle, had previously received a 12-week suspended sentence for a battery offense, which he violated after committing criminal damage two months later.

However, when this offence took place, Taylor was not in violation of the suspended sentence.

A probation officer clarified that Taylor had refused to comply with a two-fold community order.

Defending, Matthew O’Neill called for a pre-sentence report to be done ahead of sentencing.

Magistrate George Carter ordered the case to be stood down in order to facilitate the completion of a report.

Taylor was released on unconditional bail until 3 December, when he will appear to be sentenced next time in court.

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