0 Marina with her husband 4 EAST2WEST NEWS

‘Sick’ Woman, ditches husband for her stepson, 21 and now pregnant for him

0 Marina with her husband 4 EAST2WEST NEWS

An influencer who traded for her 21-year-old stepson with her husband confessed she went under the knife to make her fancy him more.

Marina Balmesheva, 35, is pregnant with the baby of her lover Vladimir and has even insisted that prenup protect her house.

The Russian fitness blogger has known her boyfriend since he was 7 years old.

She says Vladimir has “the world’s most charming blue-eyes,” despite being married to his dad.

Her ex, with whom she had five children, fumed that she had been seducing her son.

“In front of her, he had no girlfriend,” he moaned.

“When I was at home, they were not shy about having sex.

I would have forgiven her deception, if it were not my son……

“She was running from our bedroom to my son’s bed while I was asleep…

“She came back and lay in bed with me after that, as if nothing had happened.”

Yet loved-up Marina estimates that “not living but pretending” was the previous marriage

Balmasheva told her half-a-million online followers: “Did I regret that the family was destroyed? Yes and no, both.”

I was ashamed that I had killed the ‘Mom and Dad’ stability.

Will I like to go back to my ex? No. Do I feel rage and hate for him? Not anymore.

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He’s a decent guy and a great father to our kids……

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How did the kids make those changes? Entirely calmly.

Today, what [do I have]? I’m barely married. I’ve moved into a bigger town. I love, I love, and I am cherished.

But she seems to be worried that her new relationship may not last with the trainee boss.

“He’s just starting to settle down,” she said.

We share everything now, but he knows and acknowledges that it’s me who received the first mortgage payment for our car.

“We’ll have a boy. More than one, maybe.

I hope for a strong marriage, but in the event of divorce, it does not stop us from getting a marriage contract with anything registered with me that remains mine.

“Why? Since we’re together, but I’m not a sponsor for him.

0 PAY Marina with her husband 5 EAST2WEST NEWS

Yeah, right now, when he finds his feet, all the expenses are on me….

“We simply know who gets what.

“I knew what I was signing up for, and so he did […] I’m simply going to guide and support him.”

And Marina revealed that her new boyfriend had also undergone plastic surgery.

She boasted: “How to change a person”

“I’m 32-33 in the pictures before, I’ll be 36 this February.”

She said: “Because of my young husband, so many people tell me to use makeup – make lashes, and curl my pubic hair.”

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But there is one thing — with all my cosmetic surgery scars, cellulite, excessive skin, and personality, he fell in love with me.

“And I don’t want to seem to be any better than I am.”

Marina had a boost on her face and a tuck on her stomach, blepharoplasty, and botox.

She said Vladimir’s mother — Alexey’s other ex-wife — would help them take care of the boy.

“Given that my former mother-in-law was the former mother-in-law of my current mother-in-law, I have an interesting experience,” she said.

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