Since World War II, China has been the biggest danger to democracy and liberty — US government says


The United States Government has claimed that since World War Two, the People’s Republic of China has been the “greatest threat to democracy and freedom”

China has been taken a hard line by the Trump administration, imposing tariffs on Chinese products and accusing Beijing of theft of intellectual property and hiding the true existence of the Coronavirus disease until it has spread across the world.

The US has also made attempts to keep the telecom giant Huawei, which is owned by China, out of the American market.

John Ratcliffe, the top intelligence official of the US Government, wrote in the Wall St Journal that China was the world’s greatest threat to democracy and freedom and accused China of raising its influence by stealing US secrets and then replacing US firms on the market.

According to him, China is planning to challenge the US and plans “economically, militarily and technologically” to conquer the world.

The Director of National Intelligence, Ratcliffe, said that China has replaced Russia and counter-terrorism as the key target of US intelligence activities, as the Super Power is engaged in a type of economic espionage that “rob, replicate and replace”

He cited an example of a Chinese wind turbine company found guilty in the US of stealing from a US rival before going on to sell internationally, while the US company lost shareholder value and fired employees.

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He also reported that $500bn (£370bn) worth of US intellectual property was stolen every year and that it was more common for the FBI to arrest Chinese nationals for stealing research at universities.

He also reported that China had been paying $50,000 a month to the head of the chemistry department of Harvard University before his arrest earlier this year.

He said that US intelligence showed that China had carried out “human testing” on soldiers in order to create soldiers with “biologically enhanced capabilities”

China has engaged in a huge campaign of influence targeting Congressional US members and their workers by urging big business unions to tell local lawmakers to take a harder position on China or risk losing votes from union members.

“Beijing was targeting members of Congress with six times the frequency of Russia and 12 times the frequency of Iran,” said Mr. Ratcliffe.

“China believes that a global order without it at the top is a historical aberration,” he said.

“It aims to change that and reverse the spread of liberty around the world.”

Under President Trump, the two countries then levied tariffs on products worth hundreds of billions of dollars.

Beijing replied by ordering the US to close its consulate in the city of Chengdu, over economic espionage concerns this year.

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The two nations have also ousted each other’s journalists.

Joe Biden has said that when he assumes office in January 2021, his administration will cooperate more with China.

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