Sleeping in bed with a dog is safer than sharing your partner’s bed – New research says


A recent study suggests that sleeping with a dog in your bed is nice and a lot better than sharing a human bed.

The sleeping habits of dogs closely resemble those of humans, according to a study performed by Christy L. Hoffman, of Canisius College in New York.

962 women around the US were interested in the study. 55% of women shared beds with at least one dog, 57% shared beds with a human companion, and 31% shared beds with at least one cat.

Dogs were found to be less disruptive to sleep than both human partners and cats, according to the report.

The study suggested that people who sleep next to dogs rather than cats would adhere to a tighter sleep schedule and therefore sleep easier.

In contrast to cats and other humans, dogs also scored higher for comfort and protection, with participants claiming that bed-sleeping cats are just as destructive as human partners.

The research also concluded that dog owners slept earlier and woke up better without pets than cat owners and study participants.

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