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“Spiritual advisor of Donald Trump leads bizarre prayer service” to win elections

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Since holding an impassioned prayer service in an attempt to ensure the re-election of Donald Trump, a televangelist has gone viral online.

Presidential spiritual counselor Pastor Paula White told viewers on Wednesday that Africa and South America had asked for “angelic encouragement.”

A clip from her sermon shows her leading the prayer as actors walk behind and around the stage in a near-theatrical presentation at the middle of a podium.

In Donald Trump’s administration, Paula, who leads the evangelical advisory board, is heard chanting: “Strike and strike and strike.”

“I hear the sound of rain in abundance. I hear the sound of triumph. The Lord says it is over. And I can hear victory, victory, victory!

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She continues with dramatic expressions in high spirits, thus calling for “angelic encouragement” and trying to combat the “demonic confederacies” who are trying to steal Trump’s election.

She continues, “We command that it be revealed right now in the name of Jesus.” “Angels … sent away from Africa.

The viewers were predictably amazed by the bizarre scenes and took some funny responses to Twitter to post.

“I’m blown away by how Paula White and Franklin Graham are seriously trying to pray to a liberator for an oppressor ‘s performance,” a reverend wrote.

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Another commented: “I despise televangelist con artists for not giving you victory.”

By saying that she was attempting to rap during the prayer, some ridiculed Paula.

A viewer said, “These are some of the worst bars I’ve ever seen.”

Since he ran for president in 2016, the televangelist from Florida has been with Donald Trump.

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