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Spotify hints at a subscription podcast service

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Spotify seems to be interested in offering a podcast streaming service that would give access for a monthly fee to original shows or exclusive episodes.

A survey sent out via Spotify’s app, which was reported on by Andrew Wallenstein, president of Variety’s Intelligence Network, identified the potential service.

At least four potential subscription podcast plans are listed in the survey, ranging from $3 to $8 per month. Access to exclusive interviews and episodes “would include the cheapest plan, but would also include commercials.

” The most expensive package would include access to “original content of high quality,” early access to some shows, and no platform-inserted commercials. None of these plans will include access to the premium music subscription from Spotify.

A Spotify spokesperson said the survey could not be taken as specific product plans. At Spotify, in an attempt to enhance our user experience, we frequently conduct a variety of surveys.

Some of these end up paving the way for our wider user experience, and others function just as valuable lessons,’ said the spokesman. “At this time, we have no further news to share about future plans.”

That means there is no assurance that with the launch of any of the services listed, Spotify will follow through. Companies also survey clients about future new products and may form their strategies on the basis of the outcomes.

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But the fact that Spotify is surveying users means that, even if it does not actually end up taking some of the exact forms mentioned here, it is likely to consider implementing some kind of subscription podcast plan.

Over the past two years, Spotify has been making major investments in podcasting. Several major podcast creators, including Gimlet, Parcast, and The Ringer, were acquired by the company; exclusive podcast deals were signed with Michelle Obama, Kim Kardashian West, and Joe Rogan; and podcasts were increasingly promoted inside the app.

Podcasts provide Spotify with a lucrative opportunity because to download them, it does not have to pay license fees and royalties, but it can also make money on downloads and app-inserted commercials played around them.

Eventually, Spotify is going to try to make money off of the massive amounts it has poured into podcasting — and it seems we might have an early peek at what that’ll be like. A further question, though, is whether Spotify will pull it off.

In order to produce podcasts for its streaming service, the podcast service Luminary signed a splashy roster of talent, but in the end it irritated the podcast community and seems to have failed to get fans to sign up.

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