1 EMB Strictly Come Dancing 2020

Strictly’s Caroline Quentin scared her boobs will ‘fall out of skimpy outfits’ on show

1 EMB Strictly Come Dancing 2020

Caroline Quentin fears her boobs might fall out of her skimpy Strictly Come Dancing outfits.

The Men Behaving Badly actress said she will trust the wardrobe department – but she will speak up if she thinks a low-cut dress risks her assets popping out.

Caroline, 60, said: “My feeling is, I’ll hand over completely to the experts who know what they’re doing – hair, wigs, make-up, outfits – and let them do their thing.

“And unless I am actually scared that something is about to fall out, then I’m not going to moan.”

The mum-of-two went on to say: “If something feels a bit perilous, let’s say, then I might speak up.”

Caroline was one of the first celebrity signings to be announced for the Class of 2020 season, just weeks after lockdown restrictions were eased across the United Kingdom.

She is said to have signed across the dotted line after wanting to take part for several years but had to turn down offers from the BBC due to scheduling clashes.

Speaking about her decision to practise her ballroom skills, she said: “I was about to do a play at the National Theatre which was cut short as we all went into lockdown, so I was reeling a bit from that.

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0 EMB Strictly Come Dancing 2020

“Then Strictly came, and I thought, this might be something just delightfully fun.”

Caroline added: “It’s pretty bleak out there for people at the moment and I wanted to do something for myself that was joyful.”

However, despite receiving a positive reaction from her friends and family, the news has upped her celebrity status in her hometown.

“In my local grocer, I got a round of applause when I went to buy some fruit!” she exclaimed.

She added that model Elizabeth Hurley was overjoyed by the news, saying: “I’ve been working with Elizabeth Hurley and she’s more excited about it than anyone I’ve ever met.”

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