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Suicide bomber, leaves six people injured during an attack on FSS headquarters in Russia

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In an assault on Federal Security Service headquarters in southern Russia on Friday, December 11, a suicide bomber ‘Screaming Allahu Akbar’ detonated himself up and killed six people.

An unknown assailant tried to break into an area where police were executing searches, the National Anti-Terrorism Committee of the country said.

When officers tried to apprehend him, the individual then triggered the explosive, the committee said, adding that in the explosion,’ six officers were lightly wounded.’

At the scene, the unidentified man holding explosives died as well.

“The man shared the views of extremist groups and the militant underground, according to preliminary findings,” the source said.

In the village where a ‘clap’ was heard, the incident was close to the FSB counterintelligence building.

The offender got out of a vehicle and walked up to a group of FSB officers carrying out a ‘illegal intelligence operation.’


The Russian National Anti-Terrorism Committee said As law enforcement attempted to arrest the man, he detonated explosives he carried on himself.

As a result, six officers have suffered minor injuries and are seeking medical assistance.


Asker Abdurazakov, deputy head of the department of the forensic center at the Ministry of the Interior in the city, was one of those wounded.

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Authorities are attempting to determine the assailant’s identity, reports stated.

The FSB and NAC said earlier this week they had stopped 41 terrorist attacks so far in 2020, according to the Moscow Times.

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