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‘Super dad’ secures PS5 for son by spending 13 hours glued to eight separate screens

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To buy a PS5, a super dad spent more than half a day stuck to computer screens.

Stephen Hill, 39, had been continuously updating eight screens for 13 hours so that his eight-year-old son Harrison would not be disappointed.

On his search, BirminghamLive says, the dad-of-three used a laptop, cell phone, five iPads and a PC with two browsers available.

Since he managed to acquire one of the widely sought-after controllers, his hard work finally paid off.

Stephen, of Brownhills, West Midlands, was steadily clicking as soon as the clock reached midnight on release day today.

He saved direct links to hundreds of websites for retailers, including GAME, Amazon and John Lewis.

To verify supply, the devoted dad even followed a live blog.

He managed to get a PS5 at 1.20pm after a lot of clicking and refreshing” using the various devices to pick each package option on GAME.

The kit, with a game with Spider-Man, came to £ 509 including postage.

Stephen, who was aided by Emma’s mum, also managed to buy his autistic six-year-old son Isaac an Xbox Series X.

The Xbox was purchased on pre-order and part-funded with a £ 400 voucher from the Family Fund charity, which helps families raising children with autism or chronically ill.

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“I can’t wait to see their faces when they open them.”When they open them, I can’t wait to see their faces.


Due to lockout and losing a loved one to coronavirus, he said it had been “a terrible year for the family.

So at Christmas, he had to make sure Santa was willing to get them the goods.

“Stephen said Both consoles were in high demand, but I was really determined.

It’s the time of year all the kids want them so they can play the newest games, it’s always the way when a new one comes out.

“But it’s what the boys had asked for and as a parent, you want to give them what they want.”

He said Lillie-Mai, his seven-year-old daughter, isn’t as gaming-mad as her siblings.

Stephen said She’s having a normal Xbox, a mobile phone and some other stuff.”

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