2 Party murder all three girls together EAST2WEST NEWS

Teenage Girl lies in a pool of blood under corpses for four hours during a party shooting massacre in Russia

2 Party murder all three girls together EAST2WEST NEWS
From left, Maria Kosintseva, Viktoria Paustovskaya and Polina Bardina

A teenage girl has been described in a pool of blood under corpses for four hours after a party shooting massacre in Russia.

Dmitry Zakharov, 34, a video game fanatic, shot three guests dead and killed himself before the police arrived.

While hosting a party, the divorced dad-of-one went on the rampage and fatally shot Polina Bardina, 18, in the head and injured her friend Viktoria Paustovskaya, 17, in the abdomen.

His “close friends” were bartender Oleg Bregnev, 36, and estate agent Anton Anisimov, 32, who were killed in the Yekaterinburg massacre.

By playing dead and hiding under bodies in a pool of blood, Maria Kosintseva, 16, escaped uninjured as the murderer stalked the flat with his knife.

Maria and a wounded Viktoria managed to send harrowing bloodbath social media messages begging for help, but for four hours they were at the murder scene until the police broke down the door and rescued them.

1 Dmitry Zakharov shooter 2 EAST2WEST NEWS
Computer game fanatic Dmitry Zakharov, 34, shot three guests dead and killed himself before police arrived

All the time, the pair worried that Zakharov would know that they were alive.

“Maria said, devastated,” I pretended to be dead and was afraid of getting out from under the bodies.

Viktoria, losing blood, crawled from the kitchen to the bathroom and hid there.

The girls, all friends, were invited to join the three men on the “gang community” social media, and accepted because they were “bored with hanging out with boys of our own age,” Maria said.

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The men who told them that they were “best friends” did not sexually harass them, she said.

But suddenly, Zakharov’s security guard picked up his Saiga hunting rifle, shouted ‘Let’s play’ and ‘Start shooting.’

He fired at me, but, “she said,” Anton fell down and covered me.

1 Victim Anton Anisimov EAST2WEST NEWS
Estate agent Anton Anisimov, 32, was killed in the slaughter in Yekaterinburg

“He went to the kitchen then, and I heard two shots, hitting Viktoria and Oleg.”

She found Anton’s mobile and used it to sign into her VK social media account, lying in a pool of Anton and Polina ‘s blood and under their corpses.

“I told the police and the paramedics to contact my parents. Viktoria did the same thing, that’s how I knew she was alive …. but I didn’t dare try to reach her to help.”

In a hushed tone, Viktoria managed to record a distressing voice message giving the apartment address.

She said, “I’m losing consciousness. I just know that I am alive.”

Looks like I’m dead already.

Here I’m lying … I sense that [consciousness] is losing me.

She was asking her friends to warn the rescuers that the man was dangerous and armed.

I’m just fainting. When I switch, it’s a horrible, awful pain … I ‘m afraid he’ll go inside and see me alive … He’s going to shoot me. Break the door down, please.

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Her appalling wound was seen in a Komsomolskaya Pravda photograph. Blog.

Until Zakharov stopped playing a video game and began shooting, Maria said there had been “no sign of threats.”

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