0 Internazionali BNL DItalia 2020 Day One

Tennis star, Yastremska suspended after testing positive for male infertility drug

0 Internazionali BNL DItalia 2020 Day One

Following a positive doping test, Ukrainian young gun Dayana Yastremska has been suspended indefinitely from all tennis activities.

In an out-of-competition test on November 24, ranked 29th in the world, a urine test provided by the 20-year-old was known to contain a metabolite of mesterolone, synthetic testosterone.

Yastremska denied committing a crime in a statement on Twitter, saying: “I firmly state that I have never used any performance-enhancing drugs or any prohibited substances.”

I am amazed and surprised, particularly given that I tested negative at the WTA event in Linz two weeks prior to this test.

“In my urine, only a very narrow range of mesterolone metabolite was found. Given that low concentration and two weeks ago, given my negative result, I received scientific advice that the outcome is consistent with some form of a case of contamination.

You will understand, because of the confidentiality of the proceedings, that I am unable at this stage to disclose any further detail. I’m actually working with my squad, however, and you can be assured that I am willing to do everything in order to clear my name.

Mesterolone is an unidentified drug, meaning that a positive result brings an interim suspension that is mandatory.

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On December 22, Yastremska was convicted with a breach of the anti-doping law and the provisional sanction takes effect from January 7.

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The Ukrainian decided not to appeal the temporary suspension. At a later date, a complete hearing on the case will take place.

Yastremska won three WTA titles, the first two when she was just 18, and in 2019, she reached Wimbledon’s fourth round.

After sharing a controversial blackface photo on her social media, she was engulfed in controversy six months ago.

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Yastremska tried to inject herself into the discussion by sharing four photographs of herself with one half of her body black and the other white, in the midst of the anti-racist marches and Black Lives Matters protests that took place around the world following the death of George Floyd in May.

Yastremska was widely criticized for the post within minutes, and she soon deleted the Twitter and Instagram posts.

However, Yastremska defended the controversial snapshots and said that she was mistaken.

“Earlier today I posted pictures that I thought would spread a message of equality,” Yastremska said back in July in a social media tweet. Obviously, it did not and was mistaken.

I was warned of the negative effects, but I did not regard it as blackface, and still do not.

I did not plan to caricature, but to express my feelings about the current situation: all of us should be regarded as equal.

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I am so sad that my message was corrupt: when they were supposed to unite, these images separated people. That’s why I deleted them.

“To all the people I have hurt, I deeply apologize. I just really had good intentions.

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