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The new password manager from Microsoft runs on Edge, Chrome and mobile devices

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A new password manager is being developed by Microsoft to sync passwords through its Edge browser, Google Chrome, and iOS or Android mobile devices.

Microsoft Authenticator, a free smartphone app that’s used for multi-factor authentication, also includes a beta version of the password manager. It will auto-fill passwords in applications or websites on iOS or Android, like many other password managers.

Passwords are synced from a Microsoft Edge browser and can be shared with a Microsoft Account through several devices.

You can use a new Microsoft Autofill extension to sync these passwords to Google Chrome as well. This synchronizes any passwords that are saved on your Microsoft account.

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Rumors had indicated that for its Microsoft 365 consumer service, Microsoft will build a complete password manager, but this seems to be the next best thing.

For Microsoft Account users operating through several devices, the autofill function would be beneficial, but a full password manager such as 1Password or LastPass is still a good choice.

In today’s Microsoft Authenticator, this latest autofill function is available as a preview and you will need to allow it as the default autofill provider in your device’s iOS or Android settings.

Autofill operates for Microsoft Customer Accounts only and is disabled for business users who use the phone sign-in or multi-factor authentication software. To allow this for enterprise Microsoft Authenticator users, businesses need to join an activate list.

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