The Simpsons director, Edwin Aguilar is dead, aged 46 after suffering stroke


Edwin Aguilar, the director of The Simpsons, died at the age of 46 after suffering a stroke, according to his wife.

Aguilar had been a part of the hit animated series for more than two decades, and the last episode he contributed to, Burger Kings, aired the night before he died.

On his late husband’s GoFundMe page, his wife Marieke wrote that the bleeding on his brain had gotten “much worse” the day he died.

“Edwin is resting comfortably as he awaits the next stage of his soul’s journey,” she wrote.

“Thank you very much for all of your words; I’ve read and played them all.

“For those who want more details, the bleeding in his brain became much worse this morning.

“His treatment has been fantastic, and it’s all been overseen by my brother.”

Marieke went on to say that the severity of her husband’s stroke meant that “‘fixing’ him would ultimately kill him.”

She went on to say: “I wouldn’t want to bring him through the ordeal of staying in a nursing home or anything similar. Thankfully, he and I have discussed everything.

“If he thought his presence here would protect Bodhi and me, Jonathon and Maya, he would fight.

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“But he knows that you will always be there for us, that we will never be alone or without anything.


“So please give him peace and happiness for the time when he will be able to reconnect with all of his loved ones who have already traveled this path.”

Aguilar came to the United States from El Salvador in Central America in the early 1980s, eventually landing a role on The Simpsons.

The cartoon sitcom, created by Matt Groening, has been running since 1989, with over 700 episodes and 32 seasons to date.

Social media was filled with tributes from Aguilar’s colleagues, who recalled the director’s warmth and affection over the years.

“He made everybody feel at ease,” wrote animation production supervisor Nikki Isordia.

“I don’t recall being introduced to him since I’ve felt like I’ve known him my whole life.”

“I’d go to Edwin’s office when I was angry about something, and he always knew the right thing to say.”

“This is going to be painful for a long time.” Character designer Eric Keyes said, “Edwin was such a lovely guy.”

On Twitter, Simpsons producer David Silverman paid tribute to Aguilar, describing his artistry behind the scenes on the award-winning animation.

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