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Thug arrested for beating up McDonald manager because his ‘nuggets weren’t cooked properly’

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A thug beat up a McDonald’s manager and stabbed a client because his chicken nuggets were not prepared.

Vicious bully Karl Hughes, 34, targeted the fast food worker after having already been bailed for beating two other people during a violent episode in October.

The hungry brute “squared up to the boss and punched him in the face when he became persuaded that his grub was undercooked before taking his mask off.

Before being escorted out, he punched the innocent worker numerous times in his face and ribs.

Other members of staff and a female client then intervened. Hughes punched in the face of the customer and moved a “Covid-isolation screen” towards her, causing her face to be cut.

The Manchester Evening News confirmed that the attack on the fast-food chain occurred a month after Hughes was released on bail, Bolton Crown Court heard.

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On September 16, Hughes had charged into a house in Atherton while his victim was checking on his young son.

The intruder was said by prosecution barrister Michael Knowles to be “jumping and screaming” in the living room.

Eventually, Hughes left, but then he turned around and went back to the house before catching the victim by the throat.

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Before tossing a small toy car at his victim, he later threatened to break the man’s windows with a children’s scooter. He went missing.

The thug was led away after screaming, ‘I’m going to break your windows and I’m going to kill you.’

He later visited an address on the street next door, where he assaulted a woman in her bed.

He commands her sister to get him a taxi before calling her a “daft f****** b****”, and threatening: “I’ll boot you in the face”.

Then he caught her dog and put it in a headlock before he told her he didn’t like her and hit her in the face.

After kicking the woman in the back of the leg, he threatened to smash her windows and called her a “stupid s***s”.

Hughes was arrested the same day and, in interviews, gave “no comment.”

Protection barrister Neil Ronan told Judge Graeme Smith that having lost his father and dog, Hughes had a difficult year.

A drug user and alcoholic, Hughes is a carer for his widowed mother as well.

Mr Ronan added that at the first opportunity, Hughes pleaded guilty to affray, three counts of assault, and attempting to damage property.

“He said, “Much of it he doesn’t know, and the less he said the better about the disgusting, mean-spirited, bully-boy behavior.

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Judge Smith, sentencing Hughes to 16 months in jail, said These were both appalling, unacceptable incidents and it is accepted that you were out of your mind” on diazepam and drink, in your words.”

“It’s very good to hear that you are planning to make a fresh start when you are released from custody”

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