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Toddler ‘strangled to death’ by grandparents, before he was thrown into a furnace

0 Child crime Kuzbass victim 2 east2west news

Before being thrown into a furnace by his own grandparents, a toddler was reportedly strangled to death, in a sick murder.

Devastated parents Maria, 20, and Dmitry Shcherbakovy, 25, went back from their grandparents to retrieve their two-year-old son, Dima, only to find his torched remains dumped in the snow.

The 52 and 48-year-olds, who were trusted by Dima’s parents to look after their child, were arrested in Kemerovo in southwest Siberia, Russia, on suspicion of his murder.

The police said that the boy was “strangled and thrown into a scalding stove” and the couple were arrested in connection with the death of their grandson.

Local media sources allege that at the time, the grandparents were “intoxicated” and could not cope with the weeping of Dima.

The parents arrived at the estate and discovered the clothes their son was wearing.

They walked out into the cold -20C setting below and spotted his burnt body.

They then called the police to report the incident, and it is still to be determined exactly how little Dima died through forensic examination.

The Russian Investigative Committee said in a statement: “They located the clothes of the little boy in the house, but not him.”

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The parents found their son’s body in the snow next to the house and called investigators and the police.

“Forensic analysis will establish the precise reason for the death of the little boy.”

“On the other side of the family, the child’s heartbroken grandmother posted: “Our poor little boy, how could we not save you?

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