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Trump administration is blocking Joe Biden from receiving messages from international leaders, according to new reports

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According to a new CNN report, under Trump administration rules, the State Department is blocking projected president-elect Joe Biden from gaining access to multiple messages from foreign leaders.

According to the report released on Thursday, November 12, Joe Biden’s stacks of messages are sitting at the State Department and Biden’s calls were received from world leaders congratulating him on the election without any logistical or translational support from the State Department.

The report comes a day after Secretary of State Mike Pompeo declined to recognize the victory of Biden, saying that “a smooth transition to a second Trump administration will take place”

Traditionally, the State Department supports all of the President-elect’s correspondence, which is why several countries started sending messages over the weekend. But with the Trump administration banning Biden from accessing State Department services, since President Donald Trump refuses to acknowledge the victory of Biden, hundreds of incoming messages have not been received.

Biden held several calls with leaders, including Angela Merkel of Germany and Justin Trudeau of Canada, but did so without the logistical and translation support offered by the State Department operations center.

“We would like to use the services of the State Department,” a source told CNN.

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The study also states that Biden is also blocked from accessing the same intelligence briefings as the President, referred to as the Regular Brief of the President, and if the Trump administration manages to obstruct a traditional transition near Inauguration Day on January 20, there are fears that the administration of Biden will catch up on the day he takes office.

In the past, a smoother transition between the incoming government and the outgoing government was encouraged by the State Department.

Denis McDonough, who served in the Obama administration and worked with Obama during the transition, said, “It was helpful to have State Ops place the calls and provide translation services, and we were thankful for the Bush administration ‘s assistance in making that happen.”

In the past, these calls were treated on open lines. They are congratulatory calls, “McDonough said, adding that readouts are given by both sides, which are compatible with the protocol.”

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