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Trump was forced to go knocking on doors and yell ‘RIGGED ELECTION! After he was booted off social media’

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According to BabylonBee, President Trump has been forced to knock on doors around the country, one door at a time, after being indefinitely barred from social media.

If someone opens the door, he will yell one of his classic lines at them before moving along to the next house, such as “RIGGED ELECTION!” or “Hillary is a loser! SAD!”

“Nothing— and I mean nothing, will discourage me from delivering my obvious matter out to the American people,” Trump said.

“I pound on every door and tell everybody face to face. Easy people could never ever do that but thankfully your favorite president is HIGH ENERGY!”

He then went to the neighborhood’s next house and knocked on the door. An elderly woman responded.

Trump paused for a moment and yelled “UNFAIR! NOT GOOD FOR OUR COUNTRY!” She got the crucial message instantly, opening the woman’s eyes. Miraculously, a MAGA hat placed on her head and she became a real patriot.

Experts say that if he visits each door, it would take approximately 1311 years for Trump to complete this mission. “Plenty of time! MAGA!” Trump screamed, running off into the sunset.

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