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Turns out that Sony will allow you to move your Spider-Man PS4 file to the PS5 version

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If you own a copy of Spider-Man on your PS4 and have decided to purchase a PS5 in the near future, you would probably be pleased to know that after all, your PS4 save file will be transferrable.

Insomniac Games today revealed that later this month a new update for the PS4 version would launch, allowing you to export your saves to the next-gen remaster. This is after the studio said earlier that the role will be inaccessible.

Insomniac revealed on Twitter that the PS4 version of Spider-Man will deliver the feature in a patch scheduled for release “around Thanksgiving,” which means that when Sony’s next-gen console releases on November 12th, the feature would not be immediately available. Three new suits will be added with the update as well.

One of the few first-party games to be published exclusively on PS5, Spider-Man Remastered is. If you want to own the title, you need to purchase the Spider-Man: Miles Morales ultimate launch version, which costs $70 and also includes the sequel to the game.

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However, if you pre-ordered Miles Morales’ $50 standard edition, Insomniac says that by going to the main in-game menu, you can update that version of the game; the upgrade will cost an additional $20.

For PS4 owners who may also be early adopters of PS5 hardware, this is a great advantage and makes buying the $70 combination an easier pill to swallow, particularly for players who own the original Spider-Man and were hoping to finish the game, win the trophy, or play its expansions on the next-gen console.


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