1 Alice Little 12 11 2018 Tahoe 39s

U.S. Highest-paid sex worker sues state government for not getting a job during lockdown

1 Alice Little 12 11 2018 Tahoe 39s

After being unable to work since March because of the coronavirus pandemic, the highest-paid sex worker in the US has begun legal action.

Alice Little, who works at Moonlite BunnyRanch in Mound House, Nevada, says her job is everything rolled into one psychologist, relationship coach, and sexpert.”

She will receive up to $ 1 million (£ 819,600) annually, according to Irish Central, and is the highest-paid sex worker in the entire US.

But despite the state of Nevada having legal brothels, despite the reopening of other “close contact” businesses, including spas, salons and massage parlors, they have remained closed since March 17, meaning Alice has not been able to function.

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In response to the “arbitrary decision that has left legal sex workers “financially devastated,” she has now filed a lawsuit and motion for a preliminary injunction against the Government of Nevada.

On November 19, the court ordered the Nevada attorney general’s office to respond within 30 days to Little’s legal action.

Alice wrote in a press release: “It would be understandable if all close-contact companies were kept closed by the governor.”

But the fact that it was permitted to reopen massage parlours, estheticians, salons, escort services and other non-essential businesses led me to believe that the governor’s decision to keep brothels closed is just blatant discrimination against the legal sex workers of Nevada.

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I just can’t let the governor unilaterally decimate a whole class of hard-working women’s livelihoods. This is why I have agreed to take legal action.

Alice has set up an OnlyFans account to support herself during the lockdown.

She told Yahoo: “That’s the main way, but I’m also doing affiliate marketing and meeting guests for intimate digital meetings, from a friendly walk with our dogs in the park to more of a friendly, intimate meeting.”

And now, Alice has set up a GoFundMe page to help fund a case that has raised more than $5,500 so far.

“Legal battles are not cheap, as many of you know,” Little noted on the campaign’s website. Up to this point, this litigation has been self-funded and now I’m asking for your support to allow me to pursue this case all the way to a successful victory.

“The closure of the brothel affects far more than just myself, affecting an entire network of working women and employees who are all financially suffering as a direct result of the refusal of Governor Sisolak to reopen these respected adult businesses, hence the need for legal action.”

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