U.S Senate leader, Mitch McConnell endorses Trump and refuses to accept Joe Biden’s victory


The United States Senate Majority Leader, Mitch McConnell, has suggested in another worsening of the post-electoral dilemma in the White House that the presidential election has not yet been determined to conclude that President Trump may indeed be the winner.

Biden was expected to win the presidential election on Saturday by major US news media, but Biden’s transition process was delayed by the reluctance of US President Donald Trump to concede.

As legal challenges by the Trump Administration have delayed the process, the electoral body responsible for the elections has not yet decided the winner of the election.

Senate Leader McConnell has now declined to accept Biden’s victory, saying the election is not over.


Mitch McConnel said, speaking on Tuesday November 10;

Whoever runs for office will exhaust questions about counting in every court of sufficient jurisdiction before the electoral college votes. It isn’t rare. This ought not to be disturbing. At some point here, we will eventually find out who has been approved in each of these states and the winner will be decided by the electoral college and that person will be sworn in on January 20th. No reason for any warning,’ said McConnell.

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I don’t think something that has happened so far interrupts the ordinary process of going through the different steps I have indicated and enabling it to work through the transition if there is a new administration. Both of these steps will be taken at the right time, McConnell said, arguing that as Trump continues not to recognize the election, the transition process will not be adversely impacted.

Roy Blunt, another Republican senator, reiterated that message, saying, “The President was not defeated by massive numbers-he might not have been defeated at all, in fact.”

McConnell, who was re-elected as the top Republican Senate, acknowledged that it will not be clear until January whether, due to the Georgia Senate election, he will be Senate Majority Leader.

“We’re excited to get moving even though there’s some suspense on whether or not we’re going to be in the majority, which will be addressed on January 5 in Georgia,” said McConnell.

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