UK passengers banned from all Netherlands flights after new strains of coronavirus was detected


In the midst of the discovery of a new coronavirus strain, passengers from the UK are to be banned from traveling to the Netherlands.

According to a government announcement, UK travelers will not be permitted to fly into the Netherlands until 1 January.

The travel ban that will be in effect on Sunday 20 December from 6 a.m. arrives in the wake of news of a new strain of coronavirus that is expected to spread more rapidly.

Developments, according to officials, will be tracked, and other modes of transport will also be evaluated.

In the United Kingdom, an infectious COVID-19 virus mutation is circulating. It is said to spread more rapidly and easily and is harder to detect,’ said the health ministry in a statement.

The Netherlands added that a case in the nation had been sampled at the beginning of December to show the same virus strain as that found in the United Kingdom.

The government has released a do not travel” advisory for measures to monitor the spread of the virus, unless it is absolutely necessary.

The ban came after UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson and researchers revealed on Saturday that the country’s newly discovered coronavirus strain is up to 70 percent more contagious.

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Johnson also claimed that London and Southeast England, which are currently at the highest level of the three-tier rule structure, will now be put at the new level of Tier 4.

Today, he revealed a stay-at-home order that guarantees that families will no longer meet at Christmas.

Residents living in Tier 4 will not be permitted to leave their region from Sunday onwards and will be subject to a legal stay at home order as they will not be able to shape or enter Christmas bubbles.

If they violate the laws, people could face arrest and fines, but Mr Johnson said the “bulk of the population” will prefer to do the right thing.

If you are traveling from 1 January 2021, you will need to apply for your British passport earlier than normal for other EU travel updates, as it will need to comply with new regulations for travel to most European countries (not including Ireland).

Your passport must, under these new laws, be at least six months old and less than ten years old.

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