UK scientist invents face mask that could ‘kill Corona virus and other viruses’


Garreth Cave, a scientist at Nottingham Trent University, has developed a face mask that can ” kill viruses such as COVID-19 and influenza upon contact.”

While most face masks feature a three-layer design, Mirror has confirmed that this mask features five layers, including a nano-copper antiviral layer. When in contact with a virus, it also has ions that are released, allowing the virus to die and stop reproducing.

Dr. Gareth Cave, who designed the mask, said,

It has been proven that the mask we have established inactivates viruses upon contact; the antiviral layer destroys viruses that the filter layers have blocked.

For traditional surgical-type masks, the problem is that they only prohibit viruses from entering or leaving the mask. They don’t have an aggressive killing system until it is stuck in the mask.

Our new antiviral mask is designed to take advantage of the latest barrier technology and to merge it with our nanotechnology to destroy the virus until it is stuck there.

We’ve attached all sides of the mask to the shield sheet, so it not only shields the wearer, but also those around them. It also ensures that the used face mask can be easily disposed of and not be a possible source of passive transfer by destroying the virus on contact.


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The face mask was shown to be able to kill more than 90 percent of coronavirus and influenza viruses over seven hours during tests, and had a 99.98 percent filtration efficiency.

It is planned that the masks will go into production this month and will be commercially available for healthcare, travel and food service settings from December.

Cave added;

“It is exciting to see our technology move forward and have a real impact on the fight against COVID-19 propagation.”

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