Ukraine rocked with a large gas pipeline explosion which ‘leaves an entire villages shaking’


In Ukraine, a giant gas blast has been recorded, with the explosion believed to have occurred in the Urengoy – Pomary region on the main gas pipeline.

The explosion occurred near the village of Kalaydyntsi, while video and images from the area showed a giant ball of fire lighting up the sky, according to local news sources.

With the giant explosion taking place on Saturday, no injuries were reported.

A local news report stated:’ There are potential emergency gas shutdowns. Please make sure all gas burners are closed if the gas is switched off.’

As locals confirmed a deafening blast, a video posted on Twitter showed a massive ball of fire erupting skywards.

Sharing a video, one Twitter user wrote: “The explosion thundered on the gas pipeline of the Lubnygaz enterprise in the #Poltava region of #Ukraine.”

The flames erupting on the horizon were seen in another video posted to Twitter, while a roar from the fire could be heard clearly.

In the context of the video, locals filming the incident could be heard gasping and exclaiming.

The flames and dark smoke leaping from the source of the explosion near the village of Novaki were seen in more footage from a busy highway.

The BBC notes that the incident occurred between the villages of Yenkivtsi and Tarandyntsi, according to Ihor Mosiychuk, who lives near the blast.

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“The blast was so strong that the windows in the neighboring villages were shaking.” he is claimed to have said via Facebook.

Local emergency departments, meanwhile, have warned that emergency gas shutdowns would affect certain towns, cities, and regions.

Kyiv Post reports a warning from the local authority: “There is a list of settlements that have been disconnected or will be disconnected from the supply of gas.”

They add: “JSC Lubnygaz is putting all emergency services on duty in an operational mode.”

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