Joe Biden US President

US President Joe Biden to terminate the use of private jails for federal prisoners in the US

Joe Biden US President

US President Joe Biden is taking action to end the Department of Justice’s use of private prisons to hold federal prisoners, officials said Tuesday.

Susan Rice, Domestic Policy Adviser to Biden, said that later on Tuesday the president would sign an executive order ordering the department not to extend contracts for private prisons. Reforms of criminal justice suggested by Biden.

In the United States, Biden has vowed to decrease racial imprisonment and the disproportionate amount of immigrants behind bars. It will have only a small effect to end the use of private prisons to hold federal prisoners. Seven percent of inmates imprisoned by the states and 16 percent of those held in federal jails are just 116,000 of the more than two million inmates in the United States housed in private facilities. In the 1980s, as the prison population started to explode, especially because of the war on drugs, private prison operators first appeared in the United States.

Barack Obama has tried to do away with the federal use of private jails at the end of his administration, but Donald Trump expanded their use and also extended it to the incarceration of undocumented aliens. Biden’s executive order to be signed does not affect such installations.

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