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What Joe Biden’s Victory Means For Nigeria

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At a time of major social upheaval, America chose Democratic Party presidential nominee Joe Biden as its 46th president, partly due to the devastating COVID-19 pandemic and partly due to Mr. Trump’s divisive four-year term.

After four days of painstaking vote counting, AP and other news agencies called the race for Biden on Saturday.

It was more than an outrageous cliff-hanger race between Mr. Trump, who has ruled America for nearly four years, and his challenger, former Vice President Joe Biden, for the White House.

Biden also secured 290 Electoral College votes, 20 votes higher than the 270 votes needed to win the White House race.

In states like Pennsylvania, Michigan, and Wisconsin, his overwhelming lead gave Trump the final blow to end the heated argument about who would be the next president of the Superpower.

Trump, whom the news of the Biden victory projection reached at the golf course on Saturday, showed no intention whatsoever of conceding defeat.

He tweeted: “I WON This election, by a lot!” In Virginia, while en route to his course.

There is more to Biden’s victory, by the way, than to meet the eyes, especially as a number of Republicans continue to come out in support of Trump, who resorts to court actions, and Biden’s America continues to be envisioned by analysts.

The question is where America’s democracy is headed because of the fact that there have never been serious cleavages in US democracy in the last 243 years, resulting from allegations and counter-allegations, particularly among political and economic stakeholders in the country as it is now.

Ditto, this has attracted the attention of the world even more and given how Mr. Trump responds to his imminent defeat, the country’s future may well hang in the balance.

Why does America’s election matter to the world?

As Americans went to the polls on Tuesday (last week), the world has been watching closely and every now and then the media is engulfed in the thick smoke of minute-by-minute updates of the closely disputed election.

Dr. Abbati, a political strategist and communication consultant with the International Political Resource Centre (IPRC) on why the world is in a state of stupor for the US election, said the US elections have attracted the world’s attention simply because the US owns 26 percent of the global economy, has the largest armaments, the veto power of the United Nations and global political influence.

The United States is the world’s largest economy, controlling 26% of global GDP and once again accounting for 4% of the world’s population.

Also, 98% of global territorial waters on both sides of the Atlantic are controlled by the USA (G Friedman, 2009). Compared to Russia 3000 or China 200 (Fareed Zakaria), they also have 20,000 nuclear warheads.

Since 75 years ago, the U.S. has been the global leader of political, economic and social interplay and has over 700,000 military forces, but over 2 million in China. Compared to the Chinese one, the USA had about 80 warship carriers.

He argued that the 2020 US elections appear to be in a precarious shape, which will have a negative impact on the global democratic system if care is not taken.

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What are Biden’s Victory Driving Forces?

US democracy, in the global democratic sphere, is a rare system. In the United States, presidential victory is not determined by popular votes, but rather by “cabal-like” 538 minority voters called “Electoral College Votes.”

To clinch the exalted seat at the White House, a presidential contestant must collect 270 or more votes.

Joe Biden did his homework well from the start. So what are the driving forces that propelled the victory of the former vice president?

Biden has steadfastly held his entire democratic career to one very strategy. This same strategy brought him to the council of New Castle County in 1970 and the presidency of America in 2020. He simply capitalized upon the failure of Trump.

Why Trump Has Lost

Dr. Abdulaziz Tijjani, a Nigerian public health expert based in Indiana, said President Trump lost the election largely due to his failure to address the three most important issues affecting Americans’ lives, namely the pandemic of COVID-19, racial inequality, and the economic crisis exacerbated by the pandemic of COVID-19.

Tijjani said: “The attitude of the Trump administration towards controlling the pandemic was largely cavalier.” On most issues bordering on racial inequality and injustices, the administration has largely added flame to fire.

In addition, his inability to control COVID-19 has led to deeper economic difficulties. These are the main factors and problems that made him lose some of his traditional voters’ very large constituents: elderly voters, suburban voters, especially women, and individuals of the working class in the Midwestern states. He, therefore, lost the election.

What does Biden’s victory mean for the world, especially for Nigeria?

The four-year rule of Trump has profoundly altered America’s relationship with the world, and there has been a flood of reactions from countries around the globe since the prediction of Mr. Biden’s victory.

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A change in administration more or less implies a change in a country’s connective tissues, and in the case of America, that may well imply a change in the world order.

Speaking about what Biden ‘s victory means to the world, and Nigeria in particular, American political analyst Hassan Jibia said that Biden ‘s victory means a shift in the world order that has been cloaked in uncertainty, dictatorship, and intimidation.

According to him, as he wanted to do with China, Trump’s strategy in relation to the world is nothing but that of bullying world leaders into submission to his demands.

He said: “For Nigeria, what Biden ‘s victory means is more cooperation in terms of international aid to African countries , especially Nigeria.” There will also be help with issues such as security, which is one of the biggest challenges for Nigeria.

Nigeria, Niger and Chad are the victims of Libya ‘s failed Trump strategy. These nations have suffered from that a lot. Because of the influx of weapons from Libya, the crises in the North East and other parts of Nigeria have degenerated.

Jibia added that in terms of health-related aids that have to do with maternal and child health care, Nigeria could also benefit from Biden’s victory.

He stated: “Nigeria has been neglected by the new US Administration.” The hope is that the new administration will pay more attention to the continent ‘s giant African countries , especially Nigeria, because if Nigeria succeeds, the whole of Africa will succeed and the continent will fail.

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