What Makes Kimetsu no Yaiba (Demon Slayer) So Popular?


There’s none better than Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba’s, if you’re interested in an adventure movie in the manga/anime industry.

In the last two years, the series has changed the whole industry single-handedly.

When it originally started, the manga was largely unknown in popular circles, but after the anime premiered, and particularly after the release of a particular now-iconic chapter, the series has seen a massive sales rise, resulting in 100 million copies of the manga currently being in circulation.

Also, his latest film, Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Infinity Train, has been smashing box office records—the fastest film to make over $100 million in Japanese cinema history.

There will be individuals who dismiss Demon Slayer as overhyped, like many famous shows, but there are many explanations why the series has gained so much love and support from a consistently growing fanbase.

The episode Which Changed Everything


The anime was really what made the series famous: the clean style of animation and how effortlessly it incorporates action scenes are just some of the aspects that caught the eyes of most people when it first aired.

What’s more, a shonen property had never been animated before by the studio that animated the film: Ufotable typically animates light novels, and Demon Slayer became the first Shonen Jump series is dealt with.

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It wasn’t until Episode 19, though that the anime kind of broke the Internet.

It beautifully animates the colors and visuals of the scene in which Tanjiro slashes at Rui’s throat, combined with the stakes—Tanjiro at its lowest point towards the climax.

At that moment, Tanjiro is tired. Before meeting Rui and Rui’s first Lower Moon demon that he meets, we’d only seen him kill other demons.

He’s all alone and to make matters worse, Rui wants Nezuko. Tanjiro finds himself at an incredible disadvantage with only a broken sword to defend against.

This was also a turning point for Tanjiro, who had always used the Water Breathing style up to this point.

Here through the imminent danger to his sister, he awakens a part of his family history that had been hidden in his memories, brought to the surface.

The color shift from his Water Breathing style into the Dance of the Fire God’s style is absolutely gorgeous.

This is where we see how amazing he is as a Demon Slayer, and fans around the world have really fallen in love with his adventure.

The Anime Is About An Unbreakable Bonds Of A Family


Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba has made it perfectly clear that the central theme of the story is family, with its strong emphasis on the relationship between Tanjiro and Nezuko.

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The tale of Tanjiro starts with him determined to turn his sister back into a human being, preferring to have her with him in spite of the danger he puts her in.

Just like he lost the rest of his family, he can’t risk losing her. Although Tanjiro puts it on himself to protect her from harm, Nezuko does the same thing—it’s a love and trust-based bond.

Even though their family is gone, their love has never faded: Nezuko always sees her mother and her family in her times of turmoil, as when she thinks of them when faced with the blood of Sanemi.

Scenes of Tanjiro’s father are rarely seen, but it is the memory of his dad dancing that saved his and his sister’s lives.

The Anime Feels Real And Raw

Tanjiro Family Demon Slayer Cropped

Demon Slayer may easily have skipped through the recovery times and hit the next arc, but it does not shy away from the fact that these characters sustained some pretty severe injuries.

Tanjiro, Zenitsu, and Inosuke were placed out of commission to heal after the fight with the Spider Demons and had to spend weeks trying to get back into optimal shape.

In the series, sorrow and loss are felt profoundly. The very essence of the Demon Slayer world relies on a system based on demons that destroy humans and vice versa: blood will eventually be spilled.

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For such a brief period of time, we lose a lot of characters that we love, but that loss is also profoundly felt because of how fast they have taken up space in our minds and hearts. None of these characters will ever again walk away as the same person.

They alter every fight, every interaction, every loss—physically and emotionally—making the series feel so much rawer.

The Anime Protagonist Is just Too Kind

1. Tanjiro

It is a staple of the genre to have nice shonen heroes, but something about the character of Tanjiro that makes him stand out.

Though they are demons, Tanjiro will always be the first to stand up for the helpless, even defending Tamayo and Yushiro.

In the face of his gentle smile, even Inosuke, who is known for his rough way of talking, crumbled.

His unfailing and unflinching compassion is seen as a beacon to many people, seen most notably in his encounters with the demons, considering all that he’s lost and all that he still stands to lose.

Although it was a demon that killed his whole family and made Nezuko one of them, making him more than justified in vowing revenge on any demon he meets, it doesn’t stop him from remembering that he was once like these demons.

Tanjiro’s compassion humanizes the devils, in exchange. It’s his empathy, even if only in their final moments, that gives them their dignity back.

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