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White House confirms President Trump will veto the national defense bill

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White House Press Secretary Kayleigh McEnany said on Tuesday that U.S. President Donald Trump intends to veto national security legislation approved unanimously by Congress last week.

In Congress, there is strong bipartisan support for the annual defense bill, which will approve an annual budget of $740 billion for the fiscal year 2021 and introduce a slew of new US military policies.

The bill allows the Trump administration to send a comprehensive report to Congress before withdrawing troops as negotiated with the Taliban and requires submission of its February 29 peace agreement with the Taliban to Congress for review and oversight.

With clarification of his reasoning for the veto, Trump has until December 23 to return the bill to Congress.

Some Trump aides have privately urged Trump, both in and out of the White House, not to veto the bill, the Reuters news service reported, citing an unidentified person familiar with the situation.

A number of Republicans in the House have said that although they originally voted for the bill, they would not vote to override a Trump veto.

Vetoing the bill would potentially compel members of Congress between the coming Christmas and New Year holidays to return to Washington to re-pass the bill before January 3.

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Congressional leaders have said they would not include in the defense bill the repeal of Section 230 that Trump requires.

Congress is poised to pass a separate government omnibus spending bill of $1.4 trillion, which includes funding for the Department of Defense and US military operations, which McEnany said will be signed by Trump.

Trump “wants to make every effort to protect our military men and women, and in the big omnibus bill, he will prioritize military funding,” McEnany said.

source: Aljazeera

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