Windows 10 To support Android App Without Using Emulators In The Future


While there are many ways to replicate the PC’s Android applications, there is still no official Windows support for Android.

In the near future, that could change, as it appears that Microsoft is working on a workaround that will allow Android applications to run on Windows 10.

This software-based approach is codenamed “Project Latte,” reported by Windows Central, which could turn up by next year.

The initiative would need a few code modifications and will likely run an Android subsystem supported by Microsoft that builds on the Linux Windows Subsystem (WSL).

To install and run Android applications locally on their PC, Project Latte will encourage users to bypass potentially annoying devices such as The Phone or BlueStacks.

This would no longer involve tethering to a phone and would, without the need to mirror or simulate apps, deliver a simpler, more consistent experience overall.

It will also allow developers to introduce applications to PCs without versions of Windows, as well as fully test functionality locally in a different environment.

By default, Project Latte would definitely be without official Google Play Services support, as Windows Central notes.

Access to the portal is restricted to mobile owners using Chrome OS or Android. While some programs that use this access form may need an overhaul before coming to Windows 10 to eliminate that requirement, that still leaves a huge amount of other apps that should be ready to go as soon as Project Latte becomes usable.

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The initiative has not yet been finalized, but it could theoretically come as part of the Windows 10 refresh in the fall of 2021.

In the meantime, it remains a feasible but incomplete choice to run Android apps on Windows. For the environment going forward, Windows help could mean major stuff.

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