Woman, 29, who just wanted to be a mother, died tragically hours after giving birth


Only hours after giving birth to her first baby, a young woman who had always wished to be a mum tragically died.

For Chelsea Pearce, who died after sustaining deadly blood clots, tragic tributes have flooded in.

After her tragic death, the 29-year-old from Halifax, who worked as a health visitor, left relatives and friends distraught.

Her family described her as “beautiful and selfless” and said they missed a great part of themselves as well.

Chelsea’s mum, Colette Pearce, paying tribute through tears, said the last time she saw her daughter was when she dropped her off at the hospital to get Roman, YorkshireLive writes.

Her baby

“Colette said The last time I saw her was when I had a daughter, and I never saw her again.

I can’t think of words at all to say that she was always my girl. I don’t know how to express what I thought, but I just feel like my heart has been pulled out of me.

It was her firstborn, so she wanted a boy. She was focused on babies.

Since becoming a health visitor, she decided to become a midwife because she felt the time was right to have a boy. At night, she whispered to him still rubbing his stomach. She really couldn’t wait until she got him.

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Chelsea, who was due to give birth on December 4 by a scheduled C-section due to an inherited lung health problem, was rushed by her mother to Calderdale Royal Hospital on November 26 after her water burst.

After the surgical operation, which the family said ‘went fine’ without complications, she was treated overnight and gave birth the next day at 7.41 am.

Yet just hours later, when she got up to go to the bathroom, she was found to have collapsed and not breathing by a midwife. The staff stood her up and she started breathing again.

Tragically, the blood clot in her lung started traveling to her side, forcing her to stop. They tried to restore her, but soon later, it ceased once more.

Chelsea was also given drugs to help thin the blood clot and an emergency hysterectomy, but that evening she died, unfortunately.

“Chelsea’s brother Nathan’s girlfriend, Rhea Proctor, said: “Chelsea really wanted to work with girls, and she trained so hard to become a midwife. It was her dream to be a mother, and that’s all she ever wanted, to be a mother. It was all about babies in her life; she just wanted to be a mother.

She had four nieces and nephews, each one of whom she regarded as her own.

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“I got texts from her colleagues. I had one from someone with whom she was their health visitor, and she said she was so lovely. Her friends said that she was a beautiful, loving girl who left no stone unturned. The texts were all heartfelt, showing her how much they loved her.

Her family thinks like they are hollow and that they have lost an immense part of themselves.

She was a wonderful girl, she was selfless because no matter what she felt about everyone else, even though she didn’t know them, she did it all for them. As a health visitor, she must have come out of her own pocket to get people.

Rhea said, speaking of Roman: “He’s totally fine, Chelsea is totally drilled into Roman.” She must have been proud that Robbie (Chelsea’s partner) was desperate to pursue everything she told him to take care of the little guy.

The family thanked everyone for their assistance, especially Guardian Funeral Care in Bradford, which is supporting them with funeral arrangements. To collect cash for new father Robbie and baby Roman, a GoFundMe campaign has been set up. Tap here to donate.

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