head butt

Woman headbutts Co-op shopper ‘who refused to wear a mask’ before buying fags

head butt

A woman has been filmed headbutting a shopper who allegedly refused to wear a face mask in a supermarket.

The scuffle took place by the entrance of a Co-op shop at a petrol station in Whitechapel, east London, on Thursday, October 15.

Toba, a Nigerian podcaster, was lining up in the queue with his friend when some shoppers got into an argument with a woman at the front.

The woman, wearing a long black puffer jacket, is seen not wearing a face mask and is stopped by a security guard by the door.

Toba is heard saying: “Wear your mask! Wear your mask!”

Seconds later, another woman in a green parka comes out from the shop with a face mask pulled down to her chin.

She appears to tell her that she has to wear a face mask to get in the shop.

It turns violent as the attacker grabs her hair and headbutts her before dragging her into the shop and throwing punches at her head.

The security guard is seen standing aside and does not break up the duo.

Toba yells: “Hey security, what the f*** did you do? You’re holding the door, you didn’t do s***!”

The attacker then goes to the counter to buy cigarette papers, while continuing to shout and threatening the other woman from a distance.

She yells: “I’m going to break your f***ing throat. I promise you If my card is broken, you’re f***ing going to pay for it.”

The Metropolitan Police confirmed officers were called at 10.46pm over the altercation at the petrol station at The Highway in Whitechapel.

A spokesperson told the Daily Star: “Those concerned had left the scene prior to police arrival. No arrests were made.”

A spokesperson for Co-op said: “We condemn any violence in stores. Face masks are compulsory for all non-exempt customers and colleagues.”


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