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Woman ‘kills judge in a hit-and-run then claims she’s Harry Potter’

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A woman claiming to be Harry Potter was accused of murdering a judge and injuring a young child in a hit-and-run.

Nastasia Snape, 23, is accused of mowing down Sandra Feuerstein, 75, on the pavement in Florida, injuring a six-year-old child.

According to police, she fled the scene in Boca Raton on Friday (April 9) and crashed five miles away in Delray Beach.

When emergency personnel arrived, she seemed to be convulsing or having a seizure, so an officer approached the vehicle.

Snape – who shares the same nickname as fictional Hogwarts professor Severus Snape – is said to have “stared into space” before getting out of the car and saying she was fine, according to investigators.

However, according to CBS, she began to scream and struggle with paramedics inside an ambulance, pretending to be “Harry Potter.”

To calm her down, doctors had to administer the anesthetic medication ketamine.

According to a police report, officers later searched her car and discovered T salts, a designer drug that can cause erratic behavior.

Investigators alleged that her bag was also checked and that it contained several small containers labeled “THC Cannabis.”

Snape’s car was seen “driving erratically” around 10 a.m., according to authorities.

The car then allegedly veered off the lane and onto the sidewalk, colliding with Ms. Feuerstein.

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According to police, she continued driving and struck a six-year-old boy who was crossing the road.

The child’s condition is unknown at this time.

Ms. Feuerstein, a federal judge from Islip, New York, was rushed to the hospital and later died.

Snape was also taken to the hospital, where she reportedly claimed to police that she “hadn’t been in a crash.”

According to a police report, her behavior was described as “erratic,” with her being “calm one moment and screaming the next.”

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