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Woman petrified as CCTV shows “ghost with tentacles” emerging from the room of her kid


A weird video seems to show a shadowy figure sticking her head around a doorway in a house that only a woman and her baby are said to be living in.

The dark human-shaped object appears to be trying to check if the coast is clear in the film, filmed in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, on home CCTV.

Initially, on the r / ghosts Reddit site, the mom posted the video and asked for guidance.

She wrote, “I don’t know what this is. Please help me.”

“It was in my baby’s place, but nobody was there when I went to search for it.”

Believers declared the “tentacle” fingers are visible grasping the sides as the figure leered from the doorway.

Since then, after being posted on YouTube by the popular conspiracy theory channel The Secret Underbelly 2.0.0, the creepy video, which was filmed on November 7, has been viewed more than 2,000 times.

In this video, we have footage of this entity poking its head around the corner, “the YouTuber said, describing the” creepy “scene.”

He continued: “It is easy to assume at first sight of this footage that this is just someone looking out of the room and then closing the door behind him.”

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You can see that this entity has no hands, like a tentacle, like a black tentacle.

“Now the witness claims that there is no one at home except her and her little boy, so what is disturbing is that this thing looks out to ensure that no one is around and then shuts the door behind it.”

He told the woman to move out if she was unable to get someone to take a look at her.

Similarly, other viewers said they were given chills by the video.

One fan wrote: “Wow, spooky stuff, making me think of novels by H.P. Lovecraft!”

“Someone else said,” Creepy! Watching on my phone, for a better and greater view, now I’m heading for my computer. It made me shiver.

“Another conspiracy theorist wrote:” Ghosts are unable to catch doors. It was a far worse thing.

“Demons love babies. Those imaginary friends that happen to have small children are not imaginary.

The figure actually looked like an average human being, more sceptical individuals said, while a non-supernatural intruder would still be a cause for alarm.

One wrote: “No tentacles at all in sight.”

“This is a guy who has short black hair.”

“Another doubter commented:” Surely there is no reason for ghosts to peer around corners and walk through doorways?

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