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Woman ‘shot dead’ during Capitol building Chaos, was a veteran and Trump supporter

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A woman who was critically wounded and later died as demonstrators stormed the US Capitol from a gunshot wound has been identified.

As per her husband, Ashli Babbitt, from the San Diego area, was a 14-year-old veteran and a pro-Trump supporter.

Kusi-TV News states that Ashli has worked with the U.S. Air Force on four tours and has been a high-level security official during her service.

The news outlet, which claims to have talked to her husband, says that she was a big supporter of President Trump, and that she was a true patriot to everyone she met.

An investigation into her death continues, the Metropolitan Police Department reports.

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Lindsay Watts, a Fox News anchor, says that her mother-in-law said: “I really don’t know why she decided to do this.”

U.S. media say Ashli, who allegedly owned a business in San Diego, California with her husband, was shot in the chest during Wednesday’s riots.

Other reports state that she was shot in the leg.

Crowds burst through the building’s surrounding barricades, which housed both the House of Representatives and the Senate, where at the time there were journalists, politicians and workers.

It is not yet clear who, according to law enforcement officials, fired the shot that appeared to strike the veteran.

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Both buildings were put into an emergency lockdown inside the Capitol Complex and the Senate was relocated. At around 11pm GMT, the area was declared safe.

At a demonstration near the White House, President Donald Trump informed thousands of his supporters before the chaos began.

He vowed to “never concede” that he had lost before Congress met to certify the presidential victory of Democrat Joe Biden on Wednesday.

Supporters smashed barricades after his speech and fought past police to charge into the house, contributing to Congress stopping the process of voter certification.

Former President Barack Obama said generations will recall today’s attack, “incited by a sitting president who, as a moment of great dishonor and ridicule for our nation, has proceeded to lie baselessly about the outcome of a lawful election.”

But if we viewed it as a complete surprise, we’d be kidding ourselves,” he added, saying the “fantasy narrative” of Republicans and their “accompanying media ecosystem” has misled supporters about the reality of the US election.”

“We’re seeing the implications now, whipped into a violent crescendo.”

The Twitter account of Donald Trump has been locked for 12 hours, with the US President having been ordered to delete three riot-related tweets.

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