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Woman who’d been dead for 30 minutes’ says that she saw spirit carried to heaven by mystery beings

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During a 30-minute near-death encounter, a woman reported having encountered a group of beings taking her to heaven.

After passing through a waterfall on a kayak in Chile 22 years ago, Mary Neal, an orthopedic spine surgeon, was found lifeless.

Mary talked about the life-changing incident and how it changed her perspective on the concept of death in Netflix’s new documentary Surviving Death.

She was fully submerged under 10 ft of water and her torso was “plastered to the front deck of the boat” and she had no oxygen during the ordeal.

Oddly enough, Mary felt no pain, no fear or panic, saying, ‘I felt more alive than I ever felt.’

She claims that she then experienced heaven, saying, “I could feel my spirit peeling away from my body and releasing my spirit into the sky.”

I was instantly welcomed by a group of… submissions. I’m not sure what to name them. Individuals? For spirits? To beings?

“I didn’t recognize any of them but they had been important in my life story somehow, like a grandparent who died before I was born.”

They welcomed her, Mary claims, who led her down a “pathway” thickly paved with hundreds of thousands of flowers.

The survivor continued: “There was an absolute change of time and dimension. To this great domed structure, the pathway went.”

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I was in heaven, I believe. I had an incredible feeling of being at home.

“At the very same time, I can look back at the river where my body is still immersed in the water.”

Until a man felt her wrist strike his leg, Mary’s kayak party spent 15 minutes searching for her. They pulled her out of the water and found her completely bloated and purple.

As the rescuers were trying to resuscitate her and pleading with her to come back to life, the entities told her that it wasn’t her time yet and that she had more work to do on Earth.

She said: “I was 30 minutes without oxygen and the statistical chance of my survival should have been zero.”

“Statistically, I had zero probability of recovering without serious brain damage. But I never had any brain damage.”

Mary’s experience totally changed her concept of death.

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