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WWE legend, Mick Foley calls for Trump to be removed from Hall of Fame

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WWE legend Mick Foley called for the “son of a b****” to be kicked from the Hall of Fame.”

In tumultuous scenes in Washington, the President saw supporters storm the Capitol and surround the Senate, following his defeat of the state of Georgia in the election in the midst of Joe Biden’s victory.

According to officials, protests have seen a woman get shot dead and three other individuals die after suffering “medical emergencies.”

Although Trump addressed the crowd, as he reiterated false statements of voter fraud and told the mob “we love you,” he did not discuss the abuse.

He was then suspended by Twitter and Facebook for “making a contribution to the risk of continued violence” in the face of opposition by celebrities and political figures around the world.

And Foley, who has incorporated into the WWE Hall of Fame at the very same time as Trump seven years ago, saw him demand that the 74-year-old earn another accolade.

“Foley wrote on Twitter, sharing a clip of a police officer getting injured after an assault by Trump supporters: “This is about you, Mr. President. Today, any single injury is against you.

And he called on Chief Vince McMahon of the WWE to overturn the dignity of the President.

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He added in a separate tweet,’ Hey Vince – how about tossing this sorry son of a b**** out of our Hall of Fame.

Since being posted on Wednesday, this post has received almost 100,000 likes, as fans lauded the wrestling legend for its response.

In the 1980s, Trump began his TV career, which saw him making guest appearances in the WWE ring.

And in 2013, it led to the 74-year-old being inducted into the Hall of Fame thus establishing a McMahon relationship.

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In 2007, the President participated as part of a scenario in Wrestlemania 23 before making the wife of the WWE boss, Linda, the head of Small Business Administration until 2019 when she served on a campaign to support Trump’s re-election.

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