0 h MDRUM Ripped Off Scalp 5

Young lady’s scalp ripped off, after her hair was trapped in a machine

0 h MDRUM Ripped Off Scalp 5

Gory images show how doctors re-planted the scalp of a woman after a machine had ripped it off.

In surgical images, 27-year-old Kavitha was seen last month undergoing surgery for 10 hours.

After her hair was trapped in an aluminum roof sheet machine, medics sewed her scalp back onto her head.

According to Dailystar, The successful surgery was carried out at the Abhi S K Hospital, Gobichettipalayam, in Tamil Nadu, India, by Dr S Kumaresan and his team of nine other medics.

It will take two weeks for her surgical wounds to heal before Kavitha’s hair regrows.

Dr Kumaresan said: “We then decided to perform [after an examination] plastic microvascular surgery on Kavitha to replant the scalp.”

0 h MDRUM Ripped Off Scalp 9

0 h MDRUM Ripped Off Scalp 2

“She will get her regular hair growth in a few months.”

It emerges after a young girl in a horrific farm accident had her scalp ripped off, leaving her writhing in terror in another freak accident in India.

When her hair got caught in a tractor’s crop spraying mechanism, Kushpreet Kaur, aged nine, had her entire scalp and brow sheared off.

The shocking incident occurred on November 10, 2018, when the young girl was riding in Dharampura village in Punjab on top of her uncle’s tractor.

When he found his niece covered in blood and missing her scalp, her uncle was watering an orange orchard.

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At first, she was hurried to her local hospital, but later transferred to Bathinda’s Cosmo Super Speciality Hospital to undergo eight hours of complex plastic surgery to reattach her scalp.

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