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YouTube Beauty Blogger, kills her two babies and dumps them in a trash bin minutes after giving birth to them

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YouTube star, Alyssa Anne Dayvault, dumped her two newborn babies in the trash and has been jailed for 40 years.

Dayvault, 32, skipped her trial in October and a jury convicted her of two counts of homicide by child abuse despite her absence, according to the  Myrtle Beach Sun News.

She was sentenced on Thursday to spend four decades in prison.

Judge Steven John sealed her sentence until she was located and brought to Horry County Court.

The beauty blogger gave birth to a baby girl in 2017 followed by a baby boy in 2018.

Moments after birthing them, the jury accused her of tossing both babies in the garbage.

She tearfully begged the judge to rethink her sentence, after showing no emotion when hearing her verdict.

She said, “I just want to apologize,” and then pointed to her other children.

“I hope they will forgive me one day for what I did.”

The star also apologized to Chris Matechen, her former boyfriend, who fathered the babies and their parents.

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I want to apologize to the Matechens in particular. I never wanted to do something. I never threatened anybody. In my acts, I made a terrible error in how I treated this. I would never do something to hurt anybody, especially a child, “said Dayvault, according to WKRC, while sobbing.”

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Defense attorney Dayvault claimed that she suffered from mental health concerns that may have led to the missed trial.

“While these mental health conditions do not escalate to the extent of negligence, as that path was pursued, they definitely provide meaning to the incidents that occurred,” Sharde Crawford said.

But Scott Hixson, Judge and Chief Deputy Solicitor, said her sentence, which had no parole, was sufficient.

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When it relates to mental health problems, your honor, you’re either insane or not in South Carolina. Since she is not, she bears the full brunt of the statute, and in this situation, we agree that the sentence of your honor is sufficient,’ Hixson said.

After giving birth, Dayvault sought medical attention and physicians were concerned about discovering a placenta and umbilical cord without an infant.

She later revealed that she had given birth at her home in South Carolina’s North Myrtle Beach, and threw the newborn baby into a garbage bin, and did the same with the other baby.

She said she realized during police interviews that she had had a miscarriage and that “I would know if I had a baby.”

She broke down minutes later and said: “Yes” when asked if she could no longer manage the twins.

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Dayvault has two other kids.

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